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Companies keep growing now and then. The expansion of an industry may lead to demand for more employees. This finally takes the company to a process of recruiting and hiring employees whore are fit for the job. Recruitment is a process of finding more qualified candidates for a job vacancy in a timely and efficient manner. The process involves analyzing requirement of a job, advertising the position to the candidates, screening and careful selection of applications, hiring and integrating the new employee to the company system.

Company branding plays a significant role in the recruitment of candidates. An employee would not like to get employed by a business that social media have been talking negatively about it. The employee knows the business even before he or she appears for the interview. Firm reputation helps an employee to decide whether they should avail for the job or not. Therefore, the company must ensure that it has a good reputation to attract more qualified candidates.

There are several ways to determine the success of a recruitment process. One of the means of determining the success is by checking the turn up of employees from the first day to last. If the turn up throughout recruitment process is constant, it indicates that the candidates are still willing to continue with the hiring. When turn up keeps on reducing then, the process is not successful. Giving assignments to candidates will also tell whether they understand and willing to go on. Well, done tasks would indicate progress while poorly done task will indicate otherwise. Participation of the candidates would determine their willingness to continue with the recruitment process.

There are two types of turnovers; involuntary and voluntary. Involuntary turnover occurs when the employer asks an employee to resign from work when he or she is found to have violated the policies of the company. This may be done through a letter. Voluntary turnover, on the other hand, may occur because of retirement, resigning or leaving the company for their reasons.

The recruitment process is very crucial in preparing employees to work for the enterprise. This involves a lot of processes in evaluated and carefully checking of who fits the company best based on their ability to deliver to the business.

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