The 10 Areas of Professional Development

How to do Professional Development Here are some suggestions of ways to build your professional capability easily. Some involve an investment, but many don’t. You’ll be sure to find something in the list you can implement tomorrow to start gaining new skills. 1. Journalling Mind-map your goals. Doodle your thoughts about your career. Let it

Antithesis Examples and Worksheets

Familiar antithesis examples: The word “antithesis” comes from the Greek word meaning “setting opposite,” which is an idea that has been used in various forms. Let’s look at those various forms in more antithesis examples. How do we use antithesis today? The purpose of antithetical language is not just mentioning the existence of opposing ideas,

The College-Admissions Process Is Completely Broken

Democratizing The College Admissions Process Is Big Business An often-marginalized topic in the pantheon of education storylines might just be the path high school students traverse to gain acceptance into institutions of higher education across the U.S. College Admission Statistics reports that 45,013,575 students applied for enrollment in the academic year 2021-2022, representing a 22%

Responsive design

Vous devriez éviter d’utiliser minimum-scale , maximum-scale , et en particulier la définition de user-scalable sur no . Les utilisateurs devraient être autorisés à zoomer autant ou aussi peu que nécessaire; éviter cela entraîne des problèmes d’accessibilité. Responsive design Aux débuts de la conception Web, les pages étaient construites pour cibler une taille d’écran particulière.

Best Questions to Ask an Interviewer & Land Top Jobs

While questions around employees departing can quickly be brushed aside that they “weren’t a great fit” or “not well-equipped for the job,” this deft phrasing from Gokul Rajaram, product leader at DoorDash, can stir up striking conversations around clarity of role expectations and retention. The 40 Best Questions to Ask in an Interview — How

What Is GitHub and How Do You Use It?

Important: Git allows users to revert the last commit. However, other developers could have already retrieved the updated project, and deleting updates from one system could cause conflicts for other team members. Using GitHub Repo is short for repository. Think of a repo as a folder of files and all the changes made to the