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I agree with the post that successful entrepreneurs create their own opportunities. In the current world where competition is rife and most of the avenues in the business world have been exploited, being creative is the ultimate path to success. The dynamism in the current world especially in the business sector requires a creative person. In your post, you mention that when a person is at an all-time low, he or she becomes creative to survive. I partly agree with your statement because people are unique and their qualities cannot guarantee such a turn of events.

Entrepreneurs during this period give up or depend on the success of other individuals. Such a situation can be referred to as chance for the business person. In your post, you also state that you became an entrepreneur based off your skills. The creativeness that you had made you successful rather than that chance that probably presented itself during that time.

Chances occur for many individuals as well. All people cannot depend on creativity to be entrepreneurs. Some also have become successful through the different chances that were present then. I realize that you are a talented person. Many talented people see their artistry or talent get wasted due to limited funds. As much as creating an opportunity is the basis of an entrepreneur, problems arise. In such cases, some individuals become entrepreneur through chance. I still think that the success of an entrepreneur is not limited to chance or being creative. An entrepreneur can be successful when he creates opportunity while others become successful because of a chance. However, my immediate stand for a successful entrepreneur is one who creates opportunities.

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