Bored Of Being Called ¨Blondy¨ Change Your Hair ColourBored of your hair? Do you want to try something different? Something different like colouring, or a haircut, or some highlights even? That is a great idea! Every woman gets tired of the same look; just like how the season changes so does the want for new things increase. Sometimes you need a change in your hair so you decide to colour it, or give it some highlights. That is a great decision for a makeover. But what is the challenging part is what colour suits your skin tone, your hair, etc. What product is good and how to apply it. If you take care before doing the following, your hair colour will turn out to be gorgeous and stunning. But if you fail to follow the instructions, you will not only spoil your hair, but waste money and time. If you are not sure on how to dye your hair, you should visit the salon. The hair stylists know their job well and they will also be able to guide you as to which colour and what product suits you best.
Below you will find a following list for you to understand the do’s and don’ts before colouring your hair.

1) Go darker

If you are not sure, what colour you should get, you should stick to going darker, because that prevents damage. Colouring your hair to a light shade, is definitely a call for damage. When you use a light colour, you do not just use the colour, but before that you bleach your hair. This causes damage to the hair. Everyone loves their blonde highlights, but maybe this time you get a brown.

2) Healthy hair loves color

Getting A Darker Hair Colour
Getting A Darker Hair Color

If you have very healthy and thick hair, your colour will look even better. If you have never coloured your hair before, or you do not colour your hair too much, your hair stylist will be able to give you a better and a stunning colour. If you want to have healthy hair, remember to always deep condition it after shampooing.

3) Do not wash your hair before coloring

It is advisable for you to not wash your hair before colouring. It does not matter if you have to visit your salon with dirty hair. In fact, many experts say that you should not do anything with your hair before you colour it. Listen to the experts, it does you good.

4) Use colour protective products

Change Your Appearance By Dyeing Your Hair
Change Your Appearance By Dyeing Your Hair

After you have coloured your hair, do not forget to use shampoos that are mainly for colour protection. They have better quality and are better to use to maintain your coloured hair. Experts suggest that you should use a sunscreen that will keep your colour protected and remain shining for a very long period.

Give your hair the shine it deserves and listen to what the experts say. Choose a great shade for your hair and flaunt it all around the city. Pamper yourself by giving your hair the treatment it deserves. After all, every woman wants their hair to look as stunning as them.

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